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2021-22 Haverford College Men's Basketball Roster

Hometown/High School
No.: 0 Brandon Banadda full bio Brandon Banadda Pos.: G Ht.: 6-0 Yr.: So. Hometown/High School: Philadelphia, Pa. / Friends' Central School
No.: 3 Jackson Ryan full bio Jackson Ryan Pos.: G Ht.: 6-2 Yr.: Jr. Hometown/High School: Darien, Conn. / St. Luke's School
No.: 4 Nicholas Stewart full bio Nicholas Stewart Pos.: G Ht.: 6-4 Yr.: So. Hometown/High School: Mahwah, N.J. / Don Bosco Preparatory
No.: 5 Gabriel Franklin full bio Gabriel Franklin Pos.: G Ht.: 5-10 Yr.: So Hometown/High School: Brooklyn, N.Y. / Hunter College HS
No.: 10 Clay Killoren full bio Clay Killoren Pos.: F Ht.: 6-7 Yr.: So. Hometown/High School: Spartanburg, S.C. / Spartanburg Day School
No.: 11 Charlie Mamlin full bio Charlie Mamlin Pos.: G Ht.: 6-3 Yr.: Jr. Hometown/High School: Worthington, Ohio / Thomas Worthington
No.: 12 Nick Kerkorian full bio Nick Kerkorian Pos.: G Ht.: 6-1 Yr.: Jr. Hometown/High School: Pacific Palisades, Calif. / Palisades Charter
No.: 13 Harry Johnson full bio Harry Johnson Pos.: F Ht.: 6-4 Yr.: Fy. Hometown/High School: Clarks Summit, Pa. / Abington Heights
No.: 14 Josh Love full bio Josh Love Pos.: G Ht.: 6-8 Yr.: Jr. Hometown/High School: Mill Valley, Calif. / Tamalpais
No.: 15 Ryan Trotter full bio Ryan Trotter Pos.: G Ht.: 6-2 Yr.: Jr. Hometown/High School: Chicago, Ill. / Walter Payton College Prep
No.: 21 Nate Torres full bio Nate Torres Pos.: F Ht.: 6-5 Yr.: Jr. Hometown/High School: Bloomington, Ill. / University High School
No.: 22 Luke Phillips full bio Luke Phillips Pos.: G Ht.: 6-3 Yr.: Fy. Hometown/High School: San Antonio, Texas / Saint Mary's Hall
No.: 25 Stephen Flanders full bio Stephen Flanders Pos.: F Ht.: 6-7 Yr.: Sr. Hometown/High School: Montclair, N.J. / Point Pleasant Beach
No.: 31 Dhruv Mehrotra full bio Dhruv Mehrotra Pos.: G Ht.: 6-2 Yr.: Jr. Hometown/High School: Pune, India / Blue Ridge School
No.: 34 Ryan Willsie full bio Ryan Willsie Pos.: F Ht.: 6-9 Yr.: Fy. Hometown/High School: Concord, Calif. / Concord
No.: 44 Zach Perry full bio Zach Perry Pos.: F Ht.: 6-9 Yr.: Fy. Hometown/High School: Raleigh, N.C. / Trinity Academy of Raleigh