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Step UP!

Step UP! is a behavior and bystander intervention program that educates students to be proactive in helping others.
The goals of Step UP! are to Raise Awareness of helping behaviors, Increase Motivation to help, Develop Skills and
Confidence when responding to problems or concerns, and Ensure the Safety and well-being of self and others.
Here at Haverford this program has been introduced to our community through group trainings and a
PE course. The PE course is offered once per year in the Winter I PE quarter.

The class is a program for Haverford students interested in being trained in the Step-Up! Bystander Awareness &
Intervention. You will gain detailed experience in how to approach an intervention as a bystander along with training
in specific scenarios that are consistently seen here on Haverford’s campus. This course is an ideal training program
for any students who are considering a role as a PAF or other leadership positions on campus and within our
Custom’s Program.{Course Instructor: Drew Hargrave (}

Below are 5 Key Decision Making Steps utilized in the Step-UP! program:

  1. Notice the event.
  2. Interpret the event as a problem — investigate!
  3. Assume personal responsibility.
  4. Know how to help.
  5. Implement the help: Step UP!