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Mission Statement

Haverford College is a preeminent liberal arts college founded in 1833 by members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) devoted to providing a rigorous, intensely personal undergraduate education. While the College is not formally affiliated with any religious body today, the Quaker values of individual dignity, intellectual vitality, and tolerance, upon which Haverford was founded, remain essential to its character. The College’s learning environment, based on a rich academic curriculum at its core, is distinguished by a commitment to excellence and a concern for individual growth. The full resources of the College, in and out of the classroom, are designed to promote the intellectual and personal growth of students and faculty. Preparing students for a life of leadership and service in a complex, multicultural world is at the center of the College’s mission.

Haverford College’s Athletic Department is committed to the belief that physical education is an integral component of each student’s liberal arts education and offers a wide range of athletic opportunities – Intercollegiate Varsity Teams, Competitive Club Teams, Intramural Programs, Instructional Classes, and Recreational Activities – designed to meet the diverse and changing interests of its students body within the College’s mission of excellence and individual growth.

Intercollegiate Varsity Program

The Haverford College Athletic Department is committed to integrating athletics within the educational mission of the College and creating and supporting a culture of success which encourages and supports each student athlete’s pursuit of both academic and athletic excellence. While maintaining a balance between academic and athletic achievement, each coach seeks to establish a positive competitive environment which will foster the intellectual, physical and personal development of each student athlete based upon the values of sportsmanship, integrity, leadership, trust, respect, loyalty and concern for others. Policies and personnel reflect the Athletic Department’s desire to create an athletic program which will be a source of pride and enthusiasm for all members of the Haverford College Community.

Club Sports Program

The Haverford College Athletic Department will work collaboratively with Student Activities to provide facilities and guidance in order to facilitate the students’ training and competitive goals at the club level.

Intramural, Instructional & Recreational Programs

The Haverford College Athletic Department will provide facilities, guidance, instruction, and other resources to create, support, and maintain a broad based offering of programs to promote the health and fitness needs throughout Haverford’s student, faculty, and staff community. The Haverford College Athletic Department will encourage each student’s involvement in physical activities in order to promote and establish a foundation for a lifelong commitment to and involvement in fitness and health.