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Natalie Zaparzynski, MA, RD, LDN (BiCo Nutritionist)

Registered Dietitian


Availability: Natalie will be available on Haverford's campus on Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. She is also available at Bryn Mawr Monday and Wednesday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Please contact her directly for an appointment.

Phone: (610) 526-7417

About Haverford College Dining Services and Nutritional Needs and Information

Nutritional Needs and Information

The following is a summary of nutrition options and practices, and is applicable to both campuses. Full nutrition and allergen information is available in the Nutritional Info Database.

Allergies / Special Dietary Needs

Food Allergy Guide | Special Dietary Needs Forms

If you have a medically-related dietary need, such as food allergies or needs associated with Crohns, Celiac or diabetes, please let the Dietitian know by completing "Special Diet Needs Form" in the HaverHealth Portal.

The Dietitian serves as a consultant for menu planning and recipe development, working with the athletic department and health center to achieve overall student wellness.

If you've ever wondered if something contained nuts, was low in calories, or safe for a vegan to eat, you'll be happy to know that Haverford and Bryn Mawr Dining Services now have nutritional info available for all of their entrees. From calories to allergies, we've got you covered.

Available in all Dining Halls:

  • Vegetarian and Meat options at every meal
  • Haverford Dining Center and Haffner Hall offer additional vegan dishes
  • Kosher options available during Passover
  • Lactaid 100 (100% lactose reduced, non-fat milk)
  • Soy Milk & Rice Milk (Calcium + B12 Fortified)
  • Skim (non-fat), 1%, and Whole Milk
  • Low-Fat Swiss Cheese at the Deli Bar
  • Low-Fat Cottage Cheese
  • Low-Fat Yogurt
  • Low-Fat or Non-Fat Frozen Yogurt
  • 3 Low-Fat or Fat-Free Dressings and 3 Regular Dressings on all Salad Bars

Recipe Standards:

  • We use canola oil in recipes requiring salad or vegetable oil
  • All frying oils are trans-fat and Acid Free
  • Our tuna is packed in water
  • We do not add MSG to any recipe (some purchased items may contain MSG)
  • We use Non-Dairy "Trans-Fat Acid free" margarine instead of butter in our recipes
  • Items containing nuts & seafood are clearly labeled
  • We use Gluten Free soy sauce in our recipes