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Haverford College Department of Athletics
Diversity and Inclusion

The Haverford College Athletics department supports the College’s and NCAA’s following statements on diversity and inclusion:

 “Diversity deserves our best shared thinking and action. Haverford has evolved, historically, from neglect, to incremental integration, to the aim of multiculturalism, alongside earnest pursuit of diversity, and a focus on inclusion. Our goal should be a truly pluralistic ethos that builds on the affirmation of diversity as an educational value integral to our fundamental mission.  

“We are bringing the full force of our institutional commitment and collective engagement to foster diversity as a multilayered process through which we can sustain excellence and equity in teaching, learning, and the holistic development of every member of our community. Through this, we advance the College as a vibrantly creative, self-challenging, and transformative community.”

-Wendy Raymond, President, Haverford College

 The NCAA opposes any and all forms of discrimination against individuals on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ability, national origin, and religious beliefs.

 Furthermore, the Haverford College Athletic Department is committed to ensuring that all student-athletes are treated with respect by their teammates, coaches and athletic support staff.  Haverford provides the opportunity to learn and compete with and against student-athletes, from diverse backgrounds, who share the College’s mission of pursuing excellence and educating the whole student.  Teams that value each individual’s contribution while respecting their differences provide a firm foundation from which our student-athletes can achieve their academic and athletic goals. 

 Haverford's Guidelines for Transgender Student-Athlete Participation

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