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Men's Basketball in Ireland 2008

Men's Basketball in Ireland

Greg Rosnick '09 blogged for the Haverford College Men's Basketball team during their trip to Ireland. Read more

Be sure to check out the gorgeous photos the team posted in their entries!


The men had multiple opportunities on their excursion to gain knowledge of the local history and culture, learning about what life is like in Belfast, Dublin, Londenberry, and Ballina from their peers in Ireland. During these sessions the American men created a two-way street of knowledge with those that they met, talking about the United States and answering questions about a wide range of topics from politics to pop culture to economics.

The men filled the Statement of Purpose's goal of "interaction of the individual and the community" not only through their time in Ireland, but also upon their return to the States as they hosted an informal presentation on the Haverford campus under the auspices of the College's Center for Peace and Global Citizenship, where they duplicated their conversational exchanges in Ireland with their own peers and the campus community at Haverford College.