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Back Home in the United States (Women's Soccer Day 8 Blog)

Back Home in the United States (Women's Soccer Day 8 Blog)

Photo gallery from trip!

Wow, what an incredible trip! We started this morning with an early breakfast before we headed to the airport. After getting there a little too early and having our flight be delayed, we had to wait a little bit to check in. Everyone besides Kaken (assistant coach Katie Van Aken '12) was all set. They wanted to keep her in Portugal an extra day because they overbooked the flight. That would have been a wild turn of events if it actually happened. We all walked around the airport buying last minute snacks and souvenirs before we finally boarded our flight.

I would just like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to coach, the whole coaching staff, training staff, our parents, and the Haverford athletics program from allowing us to experience this once in a lifetime trip! It will be something we will never forget!

We are so excited to be headed home and to start the 2019 season!!!  We can't wait to move in and integrate all of the first-years into our family.

As coach always says, "To November and beyond"!!!

-Karlie Pollock '22

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